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Hello good friends and people who are tuning in because they went out on two or three dates with one of us and want to confirm that this is "just okay". How are you? Did you recover from indulging your stomach with sweets and your liver with other sweets over the long, never-ending "Halloweekend"? Well then, let us take you back in this episode of Let's Talk About It, where the boys tackle episodes of "Scandal", the always kooky "American Horror Story: Coven", and yes, even the one night only reading of the plotless "Hit List: The Musical". Also: when luminaries make documentaries about themselves, how Lil Bub is the Stevie Nicks of internet cats, what was "wrong" with the John Doyle revival of "Company", and an eventful cab ride through ~Williamsburg~.

That's all before the pair bring on their very special guest (KEN'S MOM!!!) Amy Greller to discuss the one and only Queer as Folk, which includes a dance portion to Heather Small's "Proud", questions about rimming, and a revelation about QaF and Ken's childhood! 

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We are mad as hell, and we aren't watching the Emmys anymore! In this very intense episode of Let's  Talk About It, Ken Greller and Alex Bedder unpack their very negative and complicated feelings about the Emmys, including how it feels to finally be mad at Claire Danes about something. Before getting to  a rant about the "golden age of television" and Neil Patrick Harris, the boys discuss a recent communication with husband of a past sitcom star, reveal some memories of a questionable camp activity brought to light by a Buzzfeed article, and finally discover which Real Housewife is the "witch" from Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon.  Also covered: what's the exact criteria for being a Disney Princess? Besides finding stoops to talk on, what does Cat Greenleaf do with her spare time? After Fiona Apple ate some Chipotle, did she decide the world wasn't bullshit anymore? Speaking of Chipotle... TOP PRIVILEGE?!  

Find out when they talk about it.

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Hellooooo! Welcome to a brand new episode of Let's Talk About It. In this week's packed episode, the boys chat and catch up on just about everything, from a personal and dark Bolt bus tale to the new HBO series 'Looking'. So, while you are packing for your Labor Day weekend travels, let the pair regale you with a discussion about cultural reapporpriation storm that was the VMAs, very different readings of the film "Rosemary's Baby", Ken's excellent Olivia Pope imitation, and why no one should ever say "I have a strong black woman inside of me" unless they are of course a strong black woman. Why? Find out when they talk about it. 

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Do you like movies? Like, really like movies? This week Ken & Alex finally get to talk about the cultural event they have been anticipating for months, Paul Schrader's soon to be cult classic, The Canyons. But before that, the pair chat about the excellence that is the new web series Whatever This Is, reveal which Project Runway contestants they have had crushes on, and grip about both parody songs and potato knishes. 

Then they fall into the dark world known as The Canyons, dissecting the film with help from special guest Jocelyn Silver. Is The Canyons the Valley of Dolls of our generation? What is the best, worst thing in the film? WHAT is “Txt TV” and why does Lindsay Lohan need to use it? Nolan Funk?!?

Find out when they talk about it. 

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Ken and Alex are in the motherf*cking house! To talk about the great era of television known as Vh1's Celebreality that is. But first, the pair fixate on their anticipation for The Canyons, worry about Cheyenne Jackson, and argue over how to properly pronounce "Tersea Giudice". You'll also get to hear Ken sing a few bars of "Out Tonight" and Alex lobby hard for Adam Goldman's amazing new series "Whatever This Is" (btw give them money: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/896794661/whatever-this-is).

Then the two turn their attention to a golden era of television (and no, it's not Mad Men!) and discuss the Celebreality brand, the historic Flavor of Love, and the birth of a star named Tiffany Pollard, aka New York. Can New York's monologue at the end of Flavor of Love 2 be considered Shakespeare? How did an actual murder end this moment in television? What was Oscar winner Mo'Nique doing on Charm School?

Find out when they talk about it. 

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Hieeee! Welcome back to Let's Talk About It. This week's episode is crammed with tales of friendship, betrayal and scandal, with hosts Ken and Alex discussing their new found love of Orange is the New Black, how "Carlos Danger" would make a fantastic Scandal episode, and how seeing the new documentary Blackfish can deeply wound your soul.

Then the pair, fresh off a marathon viewing of The Hills, welcome back Myles Tanzer to chat about the landmark television show. Was Spencer Pratt the Charlie Manson of reality TV? What's the difference between the work of Joan Didion and The Hills? Does Whitney Port only function as a Greek Chorus in this career girl morality play? Is Lauren Conrad THE actress of our generation?!?

Find out when they talk about it.

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Hello gang! Welcome to Let’s Talk About It: Live from Madrid (we wish!). This week Ken and Alex joyously share their experience of seeing Pedro Almodovar’s new film, “I’m So Excited" and are, well, excited by it. Before the festivities can really get under way they work through their feelings about the shit-avalanche that came down over social politics in America over the last week, and then wonder about such things as the validity of a sharknado, the audacity of Paul Schrader’s statement that Lindsay Lohan is more talented than Marilyn Monroe, and take some time to wonder what happened to Rachel Leigh Cook. Also, what does dubstep represent to Nerds candy, and America in general? 

Then, the guys dive into “I’m So Excited" to discuss the work of Almodovar, and how the film made them happy to be gay men. What’s the duo’s opinion on plane orgies? Which recent release would have been better if Almodovar filmed it? Where can they get some mescaline?

Find out when they talk about it!

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Old friends! New friends! Ken Greller and Alex Bedder are back! After a long hiatus, Let's Talk About It is back in force, to talk about... it. Much has changed in the world since last time, most importantly Smash is no longer on the air. Cut, print, MOVING ON. LTAI has changed too. We are trying out some new ideas, and throwing words around like "form" and "episode structure". It's all very exciting.

This week's episode was recorded over Pride weekend, and is packed full with pop culture gab. The pair discuss political happenings, such as:DOMA! Prop 8! Wendy Davis! Aftering taking a moment to say goodbye to late, great James Gandolfini dive right into the messy, messy world of Paula Deen, including a brief reading from her memoirs. 

The main course is a dicussion between the two hosts about all things related to The Bling Ring, including the recent film by Sofia Coppola, Nancy Jo Sale's book and the E! one hit wonder, "Pretty Wild". Which host is oddly attracted to Nick Prugo?  Is the Alexis Nieres phone call to Nancy Jo the Lady Macbeth sleep-walking scene of reality tv? What club was Ken mysteriously president of in high school? 

Find out when they talk about it.

... and so it is. 

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"Hello, hello, hello!" - Rupaul. Welcome back to Lets Talk About It! This week the guys chat about child stars with Amelia Bruckner, an incredible and intelligent woman who you may remember from a certain Disney Channel original series. But before diving into all things Barrymore and Lohan, hosts Ken Greller and Alex Bedder chit chat about the antiquated practice of Facebook poking, their favorite episode of Girls from this season, and their recent  investment in both Netflix series House of Cards, and Oz.                

When Bruckner joins the pair, the three discuss the ins and outs of child celebrity. What makes up a good "child star" narrative?  What's it like to get recongized on vacation in Europre? Will Honey Boo Boo be okay? Find out when they talk about it! 

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Welcome back to Let's Talk About It, where hosts Ken Greller and Alex Bedder have caught the Oscar fever, and need to purge all the entertainment buzz around the upcoming ceremony (don't you LOVE that world?). Before we get to that however, the two chit chat about the spectrum of gender, their Blizzard Nemo experience,and  the complexities of both this season RuPaul's Drag Race and The Out 100 Eligable Bachelors. 

Then the pair are joined by film writer and sublime example of a "mench", Chris McEwan, who lends his expertise to debating the ins and outs of this years Oscar race, as well as sharing their favorite Oscar moments. Who hated "Silver Linings Playbook" and Jennifer "Sarah" Lawrence? On a scale of "The White Ribbon" to "Funny Games", how messed up is "Amour"? What was SVU's M.E. Melinda Warner doing in "Flight" anyhow? Is Anne Hathaway the Rachel Berry of the Hollywood elite? Find out when they talk about it! 

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